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We develop some of the most scalable & truly sustainable digital infrastructure initiatives on the planet.
We are the Cerulean Circle.

Cerulean Circle's core technology stack (WODA/ONCE which we call "Web4" or "WebNext") is a one-of-a-kind wareflow management platform that supports some of the largest digital infrastructures in the world, such as Deloitte's 170,000 person global developer network. *The block images used in this video are in no way intended to be a likeness of LEGO products, and are used solely as a metaphor to explain the functions of the WODA/ONCE interoperating system.

Meta Structures

activating the largest grassroots teenage reform movement for The Vatican

Cerulean Logo

Real Metaverses

organizing Earth Observation for the
European Space Agency

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transforming hard-coded processes into
DHL + Deutsche Post Internet of Services

Cerulean Logo
Cerulean Logo
The Cerulean Circle is a phrase derived from the Latin word caeruleus, "dark blue, blue, or blue-green", which in turn derives from caerulum, diminutive of caelum, or “heaven, sky”. It refers to the Earth's atmosphere, which provides us with the core ability to live, to coexist & to dream with a vivid moral imagination.

Digital transformation means making reality more purposeful, more imaginative & therefore more valuable than it was before.

It's a beautiful world.
better business Systemic Business Design
Systemic Business Design

Connecting businesses with market partners & even competitors in order to create a self-sustainable and revenue regenerating market ecosystem which greatly mitigates operational + investment risk.

better environments Smart Ecologies
Smart Ecologies

Pairing up businesses with their natural environments to reduce costs to capital, maximize efficiencies & create new revenue streams by responsibly managing resources.

better economies Economic Metamodeling
Economic Metamodeling

Connecting & simulating complex business systems such that entire regions or economies can model decisions around sound principles which are tested against reality in the living world.

An adaptive object-oriented language that componentizes each web object into a functioning business utility.

Woda Component
We Provide:

A broader interoperating system that can instantly integrate with any other OS, any other programming language & deploy platforms or applications in real-time.

Woda Stack

which is an Internet of Autonomously Interoperable Services with capabilities well beyond blockchains, DLTs, Web3 protocols, Web5 rumors & even quantum processing/computational methods.

A next-generation of serverless Kubernetes-like virtual machines-to-machines (m2m) with autonomous node configuration & storage for ultimate compute efficiency.

Woda m2m

The C² Sound Currency is a medium of transfer that functions on a joules standard.

It is completely stable, generates energy without flationary risk & is the only environmentally sustainable currency instrument of its kind, anywhere in the world.

Given a basket of programmable money and sovereign currencies now in development, the C² Sound Currency can be used without dollar or coin denominations and can convert any monetary unit into embodied energy.

Business partners Marcel Donges & Gunther Sonnenfeld met over a decade ago when Marcel was the Chief Architect of Smart Cities Stuttgart, while Gunther was a partner in an early-stage venture fund (K5).

Known for using their technology skills to help build innovative companies & specialized markets all over the world, it became increasingly clear that what’s missing in any business ecosystem is a way to significantly reduce the risk on investment, while leveraging all the value of its people, its resources & good intentions.

Marcel & Gunther have combined forces, along with their networks, to make a mark on a global economy desperately in need of alternative infrastructure, as well as systemic approaches that sustain lives, natural resources & responsible revenue streams.

Marcel & Gunther are Christians who support all life on this planet - a planet seeking a full-scale biospheric rebalance.

Their mission is straightforward: To leave a legacy on this planet worth stewarding for generations to come.

Gunther Sonnenfeld
Gunther Sonnenfeld Sustainable Economics

System Architect + Enterprise Technologist
Advanced Data & Post-Quantum Cryptography

  • co-founder of RAIRtech
    (encrypted streaming NFT platform) - 8th startup
  • co-developer of first Bitcoin point-of-sale system;
    various early blockchain projects
  • Forrester Groundswell Award - Adobe social analytics;
    Skype small biz coefficient
  • 25 years whole systems collaborations
    (MIT, USC, EPFL, Claremont McKenna, UC Irvine)
  • Inventor, Smart Ecologies (regenerative);
    Holonomials (algorithmic)
  • former government advisor,
    counterintel system analysis/joint cyber ops

Marcel Donges
Marcel Donges Logistics Optimization

System Architect + Enterprise Technologist
Infrastructure Development & Global iOS Innovator

  • created the first P2P interoperating system
  • former CTO, Huawei Europe;
    Lead Developer, numerous digital industrial ecosystems
  • Chief Architect of Smart Cities, IoT Stuttgart
    - infrastructure build-out to $1B/YR in revenue
  • Founder, Cerulean Circle GmbH,
    30 projects incl. European Space Agency
  • Inventor, Superkernels;
    Web 4/WebNext programming; Systemic Business Design
  • ex-Military, German Special Forces

  • Project Theseus:
    Internet of Services
  • Project Rapid SOA:
    Deutsche Post revival
  • Logistics Merger:
    Deutsche Post & DHL
  • Smart City Launch:
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Project Imaginea:
    Clean Energy Incubator
  • Smart Ecologies Prep:
    Magic City, Miami
  • Logistics Grid:
    Alliance Digital Wareflow
  • Metamodel:
    MOF Common Warehouse
  • Metaverse:
    Rhein Ruhr Metropole
  • Logistics Cluster:
    100 intralogistics centers
  • Efficiency Cluster:
    120 Fraunhofer Partners
  • Total Eclipse:
    Largest Synchronized Software release ever
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The opportunities are endless when we are in service to people & planet.